CreditKart Reseller Program

Want to earn from home with minimum effort? Reselling is for you. But, gone are the days where you had to incur a cost to buy the products from a manufacturer, stock-pile, and then pray that you resell and make a profit out of it. Reselling has taken a shift from stock-piling to purchasing from a manufacturer only when you get an order. In a reselling business, you can practically sell anything, from clothes to accessories to gadgets to home appliances, from anywhere to everywhere.

Who can become a Reseller?

Whether you are a house worker wanting to own a small business, a student looking to earn huge cash, a working individual looking to work part-time to pull in extra income, or a full-time reseller, reselling is for everybody.

What do I need to become a Reseller?

The only thing you need to become a reseller is a Whatsapp to share on the groups or a Facebook/ Instagram to share to the followers and the zeal to start your own business and make huge profits out of it. All you need to do is pick-n-choose the products you feel your customers will like, share them, get their orders, and bamm the commission is yours.

What is Creditkart’s Reseller Program?

If you are looking for a way to earn via reselling without having to buy your own inventory, Creditkart’s reseller program is for you. Follow these simple steps to become our reseller:
1. Register for our reseller program


2. Once registered, choose the products you like and share them on Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Instagram or any other platform of your choice.
3. Get orders from your customers and place their order on our app or website “adding your customer’s address”. *Make sure you place the order with your registered number only*
4. Once the order is placed, your customer will receive the product, directly from our logistics partners, within 7-14 business days.
5. Hurrah! You have earned your commission.
6. Your earned commission will be shared in your given bank account within 15 days of the product delivery.

Sitting wherever you are, you can earn 25,000-40,000 following these simple steps.

Start your own business without making an investment, without stock-piling the inventory, and without a brick-and-mortar shop. Just with an internet connection and a mobile device, you can become an entrepreneur and earn 10% to 15% commission, on the product price, on every order you place for your customers.

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